ACP:  , June 8 12:00

June 6th 12:00(ACP)

June 6th 11:30(RPF)

June 6 1:00 (IW)

June6th 4:00(LT)

June 6 4:30(nachos)

June 6th 5:00 (RPF)

June 6th 1:00(IW)

June 7 11:30am(ACP)

June 7 12:00(DW)

June 8 12:00(RPF



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Goblin’s Interviews



How would you describe your tenure as CPAC head?

 photo Screenshot2013-12-22at121450PM_zps8ea3d088.png

This photo has been seen by the army community; photo Screenshot2013-12-22at10151PM_zps4756a6f8.png

What is your official statement on the validity of this photo?

 photo Screenshot2013-12-22at121150PM_zps04d5bb46.png

So, the photo is indeed valid?
blue photo Screenshot2013-12-22at114525AM_zpsac2b363e.png


Moving on,

Any final words you’d like to add? photo Screenshot2013-12-22at114019AM_zps5fd67605.png

Ummmm, I think I’ll have to pass for now..
 photo Screenshot2013-12-22at124256PM_zps00b2b74b.png

Oh, snap, thats a dramatic escalation I guess I’d better comply..
blue photo Screenshot2013-12-22at114525AM_zpsac2b363e.png

*Note that concludes the talking portion of the interview*

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